Sleep and rise to your best self.

,,It is not just sleep. It is the perfect balance of rest &
wakefulness that leads to a life full of promise.

Say hello to Layer.

Experience the bliss of a great nights sleep.
Starting at $199.

Layer improves
your sleep quality.

It learns about your sleep behaviour and room environment and suggestseasy changes that can dramatically improve your sleep quality.

A truly
innovative alarm.

Layer has a one-of-a-kind motion alarm that vibrates using designed pulses which increase brain activity. Together with sound, our motion alarm brings you to a state of wakefulness faster.

layer advantages

With Layer, you sleep and rise naturally. Nothing to wear,
nothing to clip on and no batteries to replace.

Inside Layer.

Pressure Sensor

Movement Sensor

Motion Alarm Motors

Temperature Sensor

Humidity Sensor

Ambient Light Sensor

Ambient Sound Sensor

Air Quality Sensor

Simply works.

Layer plays nicely with all your smart devices and integrates beautifully in your smart home.

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Sleep tight.

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